«Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers.

Style is what you choose.»

Lauren Hutton

Do you have the feeling you can’t accentuate the best side of “you” and you don’t find anything in your wardrobe to support it?

Or do you think that you don’t know how to express with your outfit your real personality?

As a professional Fashion Stylist and Interior Designer, I’m here to support you to ascertain your personal style considering your ideas and absolute NO-GOs.

I’m offering you a private and comfortable styling experience in Basel, Bern, Genf and Zürich, throughout Switzerland.


Don’t be afraid. The personal attention and encouragement you’ll receive from me as your personal stylist will melt away any fears you may have.


Looking forward to meeting you!


Adriana Engler



Adriana Engler - fashion & interior